Top 10 Wastewater Treatment Companies In USA

List of top 10 best waste water treatment companies in USA(United states of America). waste water treatment means utilizing waster water for productivity.

Top 10 Wastewater Treatment Companies In USA
Top 10 Wastewater Treatment Companies In USA

Which are the top 10 companies in USA for wastewater treatment? Today we are sharing a list of one of the best water treatment companies in United States of America. Which provide wastewater treatment solutions?

1.Palmetto Water Solutions, LLC

Palmetto water solution is a solution based company which specializes in the following services like sludge removal dewatering of tanks and lagoons. Their main goal is to obtain the highest percent of solid for sludge disposal by reducing customer cost exposure. This company is a full service water treatment and waste water treatment company. They develop and provide various types of turnkey solution based on process engineering. Their solutions also include capital equipment design. Palmetto water solutions is a water and waste water management company there are various types of services which they provide. Dissolved air flotation units, mobile sludge dewatering and filter press and belt press rentals.

Company Official Details
Website http://palmettowater.com
Phone 803-796-1190
Fax 803-796-1171
Address 175-B Rich Lex Drive Lexington, SC 29072
Mail ID info@palmettowater.com

2.Enviro-Care Company

Enviro Care Company is working from 1972 in the field of liquid and solid separation in this wastewater industry. Enviro care products are exceptional good quality and they provide very cost effective technology in wastewater applications. Enviro care company provides field services and their technicians and engineers are very capable they are provided various types of training light installation supervision, operator training, maintenance training and supervision they can be made available to you as per the need.

Company Official Details
Website http://www.enviro-care.com/
Phone 815-636-8306
Fax 815-636-8302
Address 5701 Industrial Avenue Loves Park (Rockford) Illinois 61111
Mail ID ecsales@enviro-care.com service@enviro-care.com


Jenfitch which is a manufacturing and marketing firm for water and wastewater treatment systems it has been 30 or more than 30 years in this industry and they provide 100 different types of coagulant and flocculent to meet the new regulatory requirements. They specialize in various types of treatment programs that can be like prevented strutive scale or vivianite scale and many other services. Another good company in wastewater treatment in United States of America we are ranking this company on position 3.

Company Official Details
Website http://www.jenfitch.com/
Phone 925-289-3559
Fax 925-289-0094
Address 712 Bancroft Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94598, United States
Mail ID None

4.Flo Trend Systems

Flo trend is working in waste water treatment industry since 30 years they provide various services like filtration, liquid and solid separation, oil and water separation and mixing. Their main chief operating officer is martin kroesche and they also offer flotrend lrp financing program which will reduce your upfront equipment cost and also generate cash flow positive monthly payment structures. Another top ranking company in wastewater treatment in USA.

Company Official Details
Website www.flotrend.com
Phone (713) 699-0152
Fax None
Address 707 Lehman St. Houston, TX 77018-1513
Mail ID sales@flotrend.com

5.Albemarle Corp.

Albemarle is a leading chemical company which provides chemical solutions to its customers and their business is expanding in more than 100 countries around the world. Their headquarter is in Louisiana. Albemarle is another top ranking company in us in the field of waste water treatment.

Company Official Details
Website http://www.albemarle.com/
Phone +1 800 535 3030, +1 225 388 7402
Fax None
Address 451 Florida Street Baton Rouge, LA 70801-1765
Mail ID None

6.Siemens Industry, Inc.

Siemens is a multinational company in USA provides services in various fields like automation technologies, drive technology, low and medium voltage power distribution, building technologies, smart grid solutions energy and health care services. They also provide wastewater treatment and one of the top companies in USA in wastewater treatment industry.

Company Official Details
Website http://www.usa.siemens.com
Phone 1-800-743-6367
Fax None
Address Alpharetta, GA 40223
Mail ID None

7.RWL Water

RWL water is a solution based company. They provide wastewater and reuse solutions. This company was founded by Ronald lauder. They provide global solutions for water, waste water, waste to energy, desalination, recovery and reuse and food and beverages processing. They have built around more than 7000 plans for their clients in 7 continents. They claim to have 90 years of combined operational experience.

Company Official Details
Website http://www.rwlwater.com/
Phone +1 212 572 5700
Fax None
Address 767 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4200 New York, NY 10153 USA
Mail ID info@rwlwater.com

8.Calgon Carbon Corporation

Calgon carbon is a leader in carbon industry and the claim to provide innovations in the purification, separation and concentration of liquid and other media. They develop purification system for drinking water and wastewater point along with they also provide various types of commercial manufacturing processes. Another top ranking company in waste water treatment industry.

Company Official Details
Website http://www.calgoncarbon.com
Phone 412 787-6700
Fax 412 787-6676
Address 3000 GSK Drive Moon Township, PA 15108
Mail ID None

9.Kathabar Dehumidification Systems

Kathabar is another top ranking company in wastewater treatment in United States of America. They provide solution for dehumidification and energy recovery. Their engineering office is in somerest USA and their main headquarter is in buffalo USA.

Company Official Details
Website http://www.kathabar.com
Phone 716-875-2000
Fax 716-875-1077
Address 91 Sawyer Ave Tonawanda, NY 14150
Mail ID sales.kathabar@alfalaval.com

10.Environmental Dynamics International Directions Exporter

EDI environmental dynamics international specializes in development of advanced technology for biological treatment and solution for industrial waste water. This company has demonstrated success in more than 7000 installations and in over 100 countries worldwide.

Company Official Details
Website http://www.wastewater.com/
Phone +1 573-474-9456
Fax +1-573-474-6988
Address 5601 Paris Road, Columbia, MO 65202, United States
Mail ID EDI.northamerica@wastewater.com