Top 10 Water Filter Manufacturer Companies In USA

List of top 10 best water filter manufacturer companies in USA(United states of America) that provide solutions for water filtration and treatment and works on reverse osmosis systems.

Top 10 Water Filter Manufacturer Companies In USA
Top 10 Water Filter Manufacturer Companies In USA

These is the list of top 10 best water filter manufacturer companies in USA(United states of America). All these companies are world wide known and leading in water flitration systems that mostly works on reverse osmosis technology. All these companies provides and manufactures products for commercial, industrial and residential. Many of the companies business is spread in more than 50 countries. Water is life of prople and now a days many of the diseases are caused by the bacterial water and hence it was indeed of water filtration. So these companies started business in this filed and now a days their products are distributed worldwide. So hence take a look on the which are the top 10 best companies in USA that worls in the field of water filter manufacturing.

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Omnipure Water Filter Manufacturer

Omnipure is in the list of top 10 water filter manufacturers companies in usa. They claim to produce one of the most cost effective and world class inline water filters. They developed first small disposable inline carbon filter in 1970. These company works on the simple principle of "better tasting water". Omnipure's products are the best inline water filter in the world.
Company Official Details
Website www.omnipure.com
Phone 1-800-398-0833 or 208-454-2597
Fax 208-454-0026
Address 1904 Industrial Way Caldwell, Idaho 83605
Mail ID sales@omnipure.com

Apec Water Filter Manufacturer

APEC stands for advanced purification engineering corp.  APEC is among the top 10 water filter manufacture companies in USA. They manufacture reverse osmosis drinking water filtration systems. Their most famous system is reverse osmosis. They produce products for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
Company Official Details
Website http://www.freedrinkingwater.com/
Phone 1-800-880-4808
Fax 626-956-0668
Address APEC Water Systems 1320 S. Johnson Dr. City of Industry, CA 91745, USA
Mail ID None

PureTUSA Water Filter Manufacturer

PURE T also stands in top 10 water filter manufacturers companies in USA. They also produce products for residential, commercial and industrial market. They specialize in plastic injected and extruded parts.
Company Official Details
Website www.puretusa.com
Phone (909) 627-0619
Fax (909) 627-0671 / (909) 614-7239
Address 3668 Placentia Court, Chino, Ca 91710
Mail ID sales@puretusa.com

Axeonwater Water Filter Manufacturer

Axeonwater is another in the list of top 10 water filter manufacturer companies in united states of america. Just like APEC this company also produce reverse osmosis water filters. They use membrane filtration technology in their water filter products. They are using this technology from since 26 years.
Company Official Details
Website http://www.axeonwater.com/
Phone 760-723-5417
Fax 800-609-0829
Address 40980 County Center Drive, Suite 100 Temecula, CA 92591
Mail ID sales@axeonwater.com

Pre pro Water Filter Manufacturer

Pure pro also specializes in reverse osmosis water filter products. They have 10 years of experience reverse osmosis drinking water systems. Their goal is to deliver the excellent RO system which come with high quality and good price, allowing you to focus with confidence on building your business.
Company Official Details
Website http://www.pure-pro.com
Phone 1-800-993-2933
Fax +1 708 479 4332F
Address 19636 S. 97th Ave Mokena, Illinois, USA
Mail ID None

Ampac1 Water Filter Manufacturer

AMPAC USA provides services in advanced reverse osmosis, seawater desalination watermakers, water store equipment and water purification. Another great company in the field of water filter manufacturer comapnies in USA. It was founded in 1993. They also provide custom product services as well.
Company Official Details
Website www.ampac1.com
Phone +1 (818) 436-2351
Fax +1 (818) 854-6178
Address 7949 Deering Ave., Canoga Park, CA 91304
Mail ID None

Doultonusa Water Filter Manufacturer

Doulton USA is another company in the list of top 10 companies in the field of water fliter manufacturer. They claim to be the world's leading drinking water filtration systems using most advanced water treatment technologies. Doulton USA is NSF, WRAS, ISO 9001 certified company.
Company Official Details
Website www.doultonusa.com
Phone 888-664-3336
Fax 248-258-6977
Address None
Mail ID info@doultonusa.com

Appliedmembrance Water Filter Manufacturer

AMI is another great water filter manufacturer company in USA. Their 10,000 commercial/ industrial systems are in operation. Their products are being used in more than 100 contries worldwide. They expertise in reverse osmosis systems for drinking water, boiled feed water, seawater, desalination and other services.
Company Official Details
Website http://appliedmembranes.com/
Phone 1.800.321.9321
Fax 760.727.4427
Address 2450 Business Park Dr. Vista, CA 92081-8847
Mail ID None

Clackcorp Water Filter Manufacturer

Clackcorp is another company in top 10 companies of water filter manufacturer in usa. It was established in 1946 with a small scale and now they are known as world leader in this field. Theu manufacture and distribute water treatment  products for commercial, residential and industrial.
Company Official Details
Website http://www.clackcorp.com/
Phone 608-846-3010
Fax 608-846-2586
Address 4462 Duraform Lane • Windsor, WI 53598
Mail ID None

3M Water Filter Manufacturer

3M is one of the top 10 company in the field of water filter manufacture company in usa. Their global sales is around 31.8 billion in dollar. Their operations are in more than 70 countries. Thier products are sold in nealry 200 countries. works in the field of water treatment and fliter.
Company Official Details
Website http://solutions.3m.com/
Phone 1-800-630-0778
Fax none
Address 400 Research Parkway Call Meriden, CT 06450 USA
Mail ID None