How Much Do Walmart Employees Earn in The Us?

CEO Doug McMillon earns nearly one thousand 76 times more than the average worker.

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The supermarket chain Walmart released the report of salaries received by its employees , almost a month after the challenge of its competitor Amazon to improve the income of workers.

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The report includes data on the 11,300 stores in the United States registered in 2018 and throughout the month of January, to complete the fiscal year.

Worldwide, Walmart has 2.2 million workers and 1.5 million are in the American Union.

Those who earn more receive 24.70 dollars (474 ​​pesos) per hour, so for 34 hours of work they get 839 dollars (16 thousand 129 pesos).

In addition, the managers of the largest stores with the highest sales volume can earn up to 175 thousand dollars a year (3 million 364 thousand 220 pesos).

However, the director of the company, Doug McMillion won, in the fiscal year, 1.3 million dollars as salary, 23.6 million in compensation, shares for 15.6 million dollars and a bonus for 6.7 million dollars, according to CNN . This means that the CEO earns about one thousand 76 times more than the average Walmart workers.

Walmart incriminated the minimum wage at $ 11 in January 2018, but last April, Jeff Bezos challenged his competitors to increase the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour, as he did with Amazon employees , to "benefit workers "and" encourage competition ".

According to the report , 55 percent of Walmart's workforce is women and 43 percent of management positions are women.

Look in the following gallery some benefits that Walmart says it gives its workers.

Benefits of Walmart in the United States. 

  1. Unique bonus for seniority for up to one thousand dollars. 
  2. 48 hours paid in case of a disease that does not meet the requirements of law. 
  3. Six weeks of paid rest for workers who are about to receive a child by birth, adoption or temporary care. 
  4. Mothers receive 10 weeks of paid rest if they are going to give birth. 
  5. Parents can receive 6 weeks of paternity leave after one year of work. 
  6. 5 thousand dollars to cover adoption expenses. 
  7. Discounts at Walmart and associated with the company.