Top 10 Visual Arts Companies Or Artists In USA

These are the top 10 visual arts masters, companies or artists in USA. See their visual art galleries and you will be mesmerized.

Do you love visual arts ? Do you want an artistic photos of yours than these are top 10 visual artists or companies that will give you the best shot. These guys are best in visual arts. Visit them and you will find the best collection of visual art galleries. So enjoy the listing of best visual art companies and artist in united states of america.

(1)Latham Art - 

American artists practicing miniature painting in today'’s modern art market of galleries & exhibitions.


The Lathams are a family of internationally known artists painting animals, birds, and nature.
Karen, and her two daughters, Rebecca and Bonnie, paint primarily in finely detailed watercolor and exhibit their paintings extensively in galleries and museums around the United States and abroad. They hold memberships in numerous prestigious fine art societies around the world and have been active in fundraising and promoting the conservation of wildlife and habitat that is rendered in their work.

See the latest wildlife art newsletter as well as the artists' online scrapbook of wildlife art events, shows, and exhibits. Miniature art, original watercolor paintings, giclée canvas and paper art prints, licensing images, and more wildlife and nature art images by Karen, Rebecca, and Bonnie Latham!

(2)MoMA - 

Established, preserved, and documented a permanent collection of the patterns of modern and contemporary art.


The Museum of Modern Art is a place that fuels creativity, ignites minds, and provides inspiration. With extraordinary exhibitions and the world's finest collection of modern and contemporary art, MoMA is dedicated to the conversation between the past and the present, the established and the experimental. Our mission is helping you understand and enjoy the art of our time.

Founded in 1929 as an educational institution, The Museum of Modern Art is dedicated to being the foremost museum of modern art in the world.
Through the leadership of its Trustees and staff, The Museum of Modern Art manifests this commitment by establishing, preserving, and documenting a permanent collection of the highest order that reflects the vitality, complexity and unfolding patterns of modern and contemporary art; by presenting exhibitions and educational programs of unparalleled significance; by sustaining a library, archives, and conservation laboratory that are recognized as international centers of research; and by supporting scholarship and publications of preeminent intellectual merit.

(3)Museum Reproductions - 

Offers fine art reproductions, affordable oil on canvas hand painted oil on canvas paintings by your favorite artist.


Home to some of the finest oil painting reproductions and reproduction art of our time, our catalogue includes, Jackson Pollock, Jean-Michel-Basquiat,  Henri Toulouse Lautrec, John James Audubon, Kasimir Malevich, Marcel Duchamp, Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema, Alexej von Jawlensky, Edvard Munch, Franz Marc, Georges Braque, Georges Seurat, Gustav Cabaillotte, and a host of other modern artists.

For over 15 years we have had the privilege of recreating some of the world's greatest oil painting reproductions & reproduction art that now adorns homes and offices all over the world.

(4)PaintYourLife.com - 

Museum quality oil reproductions of all famous painters.


The PaintYourLife was established with the clear objective of creating custom art. Our studio offers high quality handmade paintings from photos. Our clients buy our artwork to decorate their homes and offices in their own unique style or as gifts for their loved ones.

How did it all start? In 2006 we began our studio employing several talented portrait painters who crafted handmade oil paintings according to customers’ photos. The mission of the owners was and is, to make quality art available to everyone, a masterpiece of their own choosing at an affordable price. Within a few months, the demand grew and as such, we employed more talented artists.

(5)Steve Barylick - 

View examples of the graphic design, photography, painting and other artwork by Steve.


studio:Joy Street Studios
86 Joy Street
Somerville, MA 02143

(6)Tom Stiglich - 

Tom Stiglich is a Philadelphia editorial cartoonist and also creator of Uncle Joe and Corner Connections comic strips.


Cartooning is Tom's life.

  1. He started as a child and hasn't stopped. Born and raised in Philadelphia, drawing has been a great way to support a serious cheese steak addiction.
  2. While in high school, his first cartoon was published by the Philadelphia Daily News.
  3. He attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia and graduated in June 1988.
  4. Tom's nationally syndicated cartoons have appeared in the USA Today, The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Phila. Daily News, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Newsweek Japan, TIME magazine, TIME.com, Chicago Sun-Times, The Los Angeles Times, Mad Kids magazine, The Austin American Statesman, CNN and in the annual book series 'Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year.'
  5. He is a three-time recipient for the Citation of Excellence award from the United Nations and currently has a cartoon on exhibit at the Charles M. Schulz museum in Santa Rosa, California.
  6. In 2012, Tom took first place in Greater Philadelphia's Society of Professional Journalists for Editorial Cartoons.
  7. Tom is a member of the National Cartoonists Society and the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.